Versuri Suffocation - Ornaments Of Decrepancy

Album: Suffocation - Breeding The Spawn

Murderous thoughts determined to push me to a permanent state of
insanity. An insanity concealed but very much present, waiting to be
released upon all. Those who deserve, and those innocently taken are
now victims of a disease with no prejudice. No one is protected from
the mind of a madman determined to bring upon harm. Death is more
sevear for those vulnerable and weak. I have no patience for
stupidity. No one can determin when their life will be taken, so why
live your last days weak and feeble. I know to kill once will lead
to killing again, to find which form of death is more pleasurable. I
often thought of mummifying the victims to create a new trend of
serial killing. The thought of bodies hangin, stripped of their
internal organs for longer preservation, left in the woods for
unsuspecting wanderers to reveal. I have not yet decided if the
heads should be trophies or sold for use in occult rituals. If
there's money in it, you can count me in. I often thought of
dismemberment. How many limbs can be severed before death? Using
different body parts from different victims to create one demented
masterpiece. I would feed human flesh to my next unsuspecting
victim, making sure they enjoyed it, to prove cannibalism isn't far
from any of our minds. Animals eat animals, man can eat man. Why do
I think this way? It's only getting worse.