Versuri Suffocation - Pray For Forgiveness

Album: Suffocation - Blood Oath

To pray for forgiveness
what have I done?
No one seems to care
ask for guidance
but it falls on deaf ears
if theres is one who will hear me
how does he not answer
look to the sky
sins rain down from above
once again I ask for thee to forgive me
a mishandling of a situation

Leaves me at your mercy
I only ask to look
at my life as a whole
why do you not answer

Cant it be there is no answer
after all we have been taught

[Solo: Hobbs]

Mislead teachings
lead to no conclusions
a false hope
that all would be forgiven
allows one to do as he pleases.

So I ask of thee again to forgive me
forgive me no answer to my plea

What I can't hear you have left me to rot

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