Versuri Suicidal Angels - Apokathilosis

Album: Suicidal Angels - Sanctifiy The Darkness

Speeches full of empty words to the Gods of lust
Foolishness, stupidity, prayers of wrath
Release your curse on your last breath
One step before eternity, life after death
Whispering, let mercy on my soul, on your knees you crawl
Time stand still before these sacred halls
Unspoken truth lies beyond these walls


Believe in nothing to be seen
Cross yourself to bless your meal
Confess to human trash
Ask forgiveness, bow and kneel
Running over the bridge of hell
Chasing shadows of the past
Don't disturb the sleep of the dead
Rivers of blood in ashes and flesh


Holy Fathers open wide your minds
Why don't you admit to all these years' crimes
Your religious thoughts, your spiritual death
Haunting the faithful condemning them from birth
And as the light fades from your eyes
The only thing you're hear are desperate cries
Begging for mercy, screaming for help
Children awaiting your soul to take their hands on you to get