Versuri Suicidal Angels - Child Molester

Album: Suicidal Angels - Sanctifiy The Darkness

Orphan boys and girls end up
In church rules Institutions
To be brought up a Christian way
You better have no illusions

During the day, there's pain and hope
A better life to lead
But come the night the nightmare start
There's lust priests need to feed

There're secret rooms and secret doors
The kids to bring inside
Strip down your clothes, be quick, don't cry
There's no need to be shy

We'll touch your skin, we'll put our hands
Where you don't want them to be
You'll suck our dicks, we'll rip your a*s
And God will bless the deed

Do you feel pain? Good, that's just fine
No one will hear your screams
Just let it got, give up, you'll see
We'll haunt you in your dreams

Child Molester
Sick and twisted evil mind
Sinner of the Cloth
You deserve to die

Psychopathology disguised
And hidden deep in black
Inflicted traumas asking why
The Church will cover up

Society in ignorance
That looks the other way
Allowing evil to slip through
Disease and Lust hold sway

Their sexual hunger know no bounds
Innocence comes to an end
Distorted minds have burnt their mark
On bodies that lay bent

Unholy, sinful, satisfied
Everyone's buying their lies
The truth is buried deep within
The priests will claim their prize


Is this what your God has blessed you to preach?
Is this the holiness you're trying to reach?
Are you the guide through our risky path?
Looks like to me your heart's full of wrath
I'm just a kid, I can't stand and fight
You were supposed to show me the Light
Your life is full of dirt, a passage of sin
No honor, no faith, a demon within

Despair unveiled, the looming fear
Agony in their eyes
A horny priest unzips his pants
And shuts the door behind

Coldhearted savages attack
Sadistic molestation
A boy condemned to pain and scorn
A felon will be born