Versuri Suicidal Angels - Dark Abyss

Album: Suicidal Angels - Sanctifiy The Darkness

Sanctify the darkness
Vanquishing the Light
Unholy, dark and brutal
There is no point to fight

Pay no respect to preachers
Salvation from above?
The deepest dark of all
Lies right within your soul

Billions of followers
Obey to manmade rules
Reaching for the heavens
A summoning of fools

Falling down on your knees
To save yourself from fear
Your path is set, it's useless
Your doom is more than near

Fall into Dark Abyss
Fall into the Dark
Fires of hate condemn your life
Your fate is colored black

There is no Hope, there is no light
There's no escape from what is right
You know your soul is black
Life's only road leads to the dark

Some blackened dreams for blackened hearts
A blackened wish, a soul apart
In black we're born, in Black we live
In Black we die, in Black we trust


Of men it is expected
To die and fall from grace
It is their very nature
Darkness to embrace

There is no light to save us
There is no hope ahead
The only fate awaiting us
Lies not in wine and bread

The path into damnation
The only path to choose
Our destiny determined
There's nothing left to lose

Ascension of the wicked
Leave all your hopes behind
Accept your darkest feelings
The fall of humankind


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