Versuri Suicidal Angels - Inquisition

Album: Suicidal Angels - Sanctifiy The Darkness

Here comes the Inquisition
On wings of Doom they ride
Here comes the Hand of God
Attacking from all sides

The Book of Death has opened
Your name is carved inside
Your soul will burn forever
Forever you will fry

Cry you bastard, kneel before us, heed our godly Word
We'll break your will, we own your soul, we are the men of God
Your dreams, your hopes are now controlled, beware the Holy See
Your mind will lie in torment, you'll never be set free
We are the law, the only truth, the one and only path
They who won't follow will be damned, bow to the God of Wrath

You followed your own Reason
You broke the canon law
Heretic we shall call you
Your stake awaits at dawn

Ad exstirpanda's victim
Repent or burn in Hell
We own the right, we lead the fight
The Cross will now prevail


We roam the lands of Europe
Suppressing the false faith
Bernando Gui will guide us
To be the freedom's stain

Corpses of the thousand dead
Feed the sickened mind
Blood upon the Holy Book
Enlightening the Blind


The Pope has blessed our action
And sent us out to hunt
We dominate the masses
We are the chosen ones

All who stand against us
And fail to bow their head
Prepare to face our judgement
Soon you'll end up dead

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