Versuri Suicidal Angels - No More Than Illusion

Album: Suicidal Angels - Sanctifiy The Darkness

Suffering, mesmerizing power
A power that should force the people to resist
Swallow their lies creating false illusions
Fear no more the curse of sin

Ravaging your soul, tormented from disease
Afflictions of Religion dominate our lives
Born into a world of agony and pain
Forever you are marked with the religious stain

Time to wake up, God is a delusion
Projecting ourselves to something high above
The holy word of Church, effective propaganda
Defy their vicious lies, this is now your time

No more than illusion
Free your mind from evil
No more than illusion
Fight the fear of Death that makes you shiver

Divinity, no more than illusion
He was just a man, distortion of the truth
Millennia of brainwash, f*****g people's minds
Making them believe that Hell awaits

Gathering, the powers of impugnation
Read between the lines to seek the truth
Mighty as a sword, doubt will be our weapon
Standing fast and proud, their dogma to bring down


Burn the holy book, free your mind from evil
No one's to decide what's god for you
Oceans of Blood, flow under the heavens
Stop their evil madness, you only have one life

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