Versuri Suicidal Angels - The Pestilence Of Saints

Album: Suicidal Angels - Sanctifiy The Darkness

Spending your life in agony
Hoping for immortality
Spending your life in misery
Expecting the final judgement

Honoring you god in church
Pretending to be moral
Respecting his disciples
Afraid to act on instinct

And when the time has come
Amazed you realize
No heaven lies ahead
Demise of false beliefs

Abysmal chaos reigning
Millions plunge inside
Naively led by foolishness
Fading wisdom's light

The Pestilence of Saints
Spreading the disease
The Pestilence of Saints
Souls are under Siege

They burn your soul
You live a lie
Afraid to die
Just doing as they please

Christianity must come to an end
To free ourselves from fear
Jesus and Saint must face our rage
Their holocaust draws near

The Pestilence of Saints
Corrupting lives, delivering hate
The Pestilence of Saints
A tombstone will now seal your fate


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