Versuri Suicidal Tendencies - 01. Invocation

Album: Suicidal Tendencies - Suicidal For Life

Oh yea, know that s**t. Sounds so good
I wanna... right along. Yea this is K-Sui,
Cyco Miko here, giving you the easy
muthafuck'n listening sounds for the hard
of muthafuck'n hearing. Yea, busting out on
a whole new perspektive to lock you upside
your head. Get your mind working.
Cause you know it ain't working like it should be.
It's time to think... not think like you think
you think... that ain't thinking, that's just
justifying your inability to accomplish the things
that you're not willing to work for.
So right now time to dig into f**k'n trench.
Get a little cyco. Cause you gotta f**k'n be crazy
to believe in yourself! So what anyone else says...
f**k it! I don't give a f**k!

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