Versuri Suicidal Tendencies - 03. Pledge Your Allegiance

Album: Suicidal Tendencies - How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today


I never said I don't like religion-I just don't like TV
You say I got a bad attitude-around you that comes naturally
You say I need more compassion-I can forgive, I just can't forget
You say control my temper-but when I feel like s**t, I feel like s**t

Cause I was born to be-ST
And I'll always be-ST
Don't get down on me-ST
Cause I'm down OG-ST
Not afraid to die-ST
Just you promise me-ST
Yo got to carry on-ST
You gotta carry on-ST

Why can't I ask any questions if what you say is true
Am I supposed to believe everything-or just everything said by you?
And how can you call me stupid-when you don't understand what I say
And how can you call me evil-have you spoken to God today-And what did He say?

As long as your heart beats-pledge your allegiance

You can call me ugly-but I still dress the way I choose
How you gonna judge me-you've never taken a walk in my shoes
Why don't you ever trust me when I'm smiling-is it a sin to have fun?
And why should I repent when there's nothin' wrong with anything that I've done

Pledge your allegiance
Suicidal Suicidal Suicidal

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