Versuri Suicidal Tendencies - 07. Feel Like S***...Deja-Vu

Album: Suicidal Tendencies - Controlled By Hatred/Feel Like S***...Deja Vu

Don't you tell me that I'm dreaming 'cause I've been here
But that don't mean that I want to be from here anymore!

Cause I feel like s**t-but who are you to say
I don't know I had to have a right to feel this way
I feel like s**t-time after time
So don't be trying to tell me it's all in my mind
I feel like s**t-but you don't really care
Except my God he used a four letter word in there

I feel like s**t-what am I to you?
I feel like s**t. Deja vu!
And when I feel like s**t, I feel like s**t!

I feel like s**t-I'm sorry to say
Do you fuckin' think I like feeling this way
I feel like s**t-what do you expect me to do
I feel like s**t, deja vu!

This ain't my imagination
Lost all thoughts and concentration
Time goes on day after day
But still If feel the same fuckin' way!
Feel like s**t, deja vu!

Always feeling out of place
Hiding behind a smiling face
There just ain't no pretty words
Can't you see it fuckin' hurts!

You know I feel like s**t-deja vu
Feel like s**t-deja vu
Feel like s**t-deja vu
And when I feel like s**t I feel like s**t