Inside Outside Tab - Suicide Machines

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Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 19:51:35 -0600 (CST)
From: Samuel Fletcher IV Barker 
Subject: inside/outside

here's an attempt at inside/outside

intro: Eii  Aii  Abii

verse 1: (bass only)
if you're f****d up on the inside
then you're f****d up on the outside
doesn't matter what you say or do
doesn't matter if you think it's true
don't look for peace on the outside man
now just look for peace on the inside
doesn't matter what the others say
cause all these mouths get in the way

chorus 1:
Eii                  B
you're just too hip, you're just too cool
    A                    B
but everybody knows that you're just a f*****g fool
    Eii                              B
and you'll carry that cool until the day you die
      A                             B
cause you're still full of s**t and you're turning 25
play riff
go.   25,  25,  25


verse 2:
if you wanna know the answers
then you gotta ask the questions
"who am i?" and "who is she?"
and "does it matter anyway?"
you've got to look for love on the inside man
don't look for love on the outside
doesn't matter what the others say
cause all that s**t gets in the way

chorus 2:
you can't love me and you can't love you
when did it all go wrong?cause i really wish i knew
that color's all the same thru colorblind eyes
and if you think you're so different then you're wasting your time
your time,  your time,  your time
F#ii Eii  F#ii Eii  F#ii Eii  F#ii Eii  Eb  Db
blind,    blind,    blind,    they were all blind

outro: E  A  B  B  A

chords used:
    E   A   B  Eii  Aii  Abii F#ii
if you wondering about the riff i noticed the bass followed it almost
exactly and since i couldn't pick it out perfectly i used fidget's bass
tab. i feel it sounds good. and for all you guitar/vocals guys let the
bass play it and have their moment in the sun. now on the count of 3 boys
and girls.....1  2  3  thanks fidget!