Suicide Silence Chords & Tabs

Tara: SUA Stil: deathcore Discografie: Freaking Around With Naughty Nurses On A Tuesday Suicide Silence      Suicide Silence/Downtown Massacre         The Cleansing Componenta: Chris Garza - chitara Mitch Lucker - voce Mike Bodkins - bass Mark Heylmun - chitara Alex Lopez - tobe SUICIDE SILENCE ...Biografie Suicide Silence

Fallen Tab

No Pity For A Coward (ver2) Tab

No Pity For A Coward Tab

In A Photograph Bass Tab

Green Monster Intro Tab

Girl Of Glass Intro Tab

Distorted Thought Of Addiction Tab

Suffer Tab

Lifted ver2 Tab

Bludgeoned To Death ver3 Tab

Fallen ver2 Tab

Genocide Solo Tab

Genocide Intro ver2 Tab

Engine No 9 Tab

Disengage ver3 Tab

Lifted Tab

No Pity For A Coward Solo Tab

Disengage ver2 Tab

Wake Up ver2 Tab

Disengage Tab

Wasted Tab

Genocide Intro Tab

Disengage Intro Tab

Smoke Tab

Your Creations Intro Tab

And Then She Bled Tab

Wake Up Intro Tab

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