Suicide Silence au lansat un clip 360 pentru piesa 'Doris'

de Andreea Gherfi

Suicide Silence au lansat un clip 360 pentru piesa 'Doris'

Californienii de la Suicide Silence au lansat primul videoclip pentru o piesa extrasa de pe noul lor material de studio ce urmeaza a fi lansat pe data de 24 februarie via Nuclear Blast. Clipul este un 360 si poate fi vazut si explorat mai jos.

"The best way I've described it is, take a bullet train that goes like three hundred miles an hour, and then turn the steering wheel as fast you can, and there we are. And whatever comes up is whatever comes up, we're not worried about it. We're just here to have you guys listen to what we believe is good music for ourselves, for our lives, for our souls.", a declarat despre album Hernan Hermida, solistul trupei, pentru REVOLVER.

"Suicide Silence" tracklist:

01. Doris

02. Silence

03. Listen

04. Dying In A Red Room

05. Hold Me Up, Hold Me Down

06. Run

07. The Zero

08. Conformity

09. Don't Be Careful, You Might Hurt Yourself

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