Versuri Suidakra - Darkane Times

Album: Suidakra - Emprise To Avalon

[Music by Arkadius, Marcel, Lars & Lyric by Marcel]

Now the seal is broken
which captured all misery
while dark hands of fate
fulfilled the augury

The script of this tragedy
Now lies in my hands
I read the lines, realize the signs
how the story ends

The High King is dead
struck by his vision
greater than men
Itll spread out through time... an eternal rhyme
- sic transit gloria mundi -

A challenge between darkness and light
Medraut and his clansmen of terror
A discordant soul burnt the seed
with voices of blight

Take my hand Ill be your guide
On the battlefield of wrath
Read my mind Ill show you the light
Birth of a vision sealed by your death

I am Taliesin
with swordlike words
the rhyme for reason
and truth against the world

[Solo: Arkadius]

I am Merlin
a fiction
with chanting spells
a herold of fate

I am Myrddin
the link to reality
a sage, a wizard
an everlasting mystery

A threefold existence in a darkane time
I am now and forever
A futile persistance between me and life
Lasting since auld lang syne...

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