Versuri Suidakra - Dawning Tempest

Album: Suidakra - Caledonia

Cohorts! Regather!

Blood is running down my tiring hands
Falling as pure red dew on the ground

A pulse of drums fills the air
Death is all around me
Dea Tacita a grim companion
For roman glory

A deafening calm
Is screaming "forward"

And again we face the hordes
Painted beasts - in boiling rage
Deeply staring into the eyes of inevitable fate

Hell's unleashed in screams of agony

When first I raised the tempest
I call on Mars to guide us
Nothing here, nothing else
To save us from the storm

Sacrifice the world and its
Progress to salvation
Quirites, sons of Rome
Ruins of mankind must be overthrown

This is the dawning tempest
Now, I am becoming death
A destroyer of worlds and
A lost soul on a path through ruins

Condemned to grow and cursed to follow
Ten thousand men on my command

Hordes of tribesmen wild and furious
Painted beasts rage amongst us

Colliding worlds so fierce and cold
A feast of flesh in the eyes of a crow

And again we face the hordes
Deeply staring into the eyes of fate
A taste of doom sealed with blood
Sacrificing the world to hate