Versuri Suidakra - Lays From Afar

Album: Suidakra - Lays From Afar

[Music & Lyrics by Suidakra]

Countless seemed to be the days
Until his return
Ceaseless semmed to be his way
But still the thousand fires burn

So he beheld one day
His long - desired journeys end
Still the singing called him to stay
Oh, it was the place where it all began

Strange eyes looked up
As he stepped into the light
All friends were gone ( hes still alone )
Betrayed by the course of time ( Hes lost in time )

"From afar I come - in place ans in time
I saw the strongholds of the old ones
Once I sat here by a fire
My heart in flames but now theyre waned and gone"

Calm spread out its wings and his hoar voice
Pierced the night and the light inside of them
Deep were his words, the songs to sang
And long his story to tell
But each a word would be carved deep in their minds

Now the alst words are said
And slowly dawns a new day
The guise of the wise fades away

Aye, they should remind the words
And the things they saw
As a stranger sang for them his lays from afar