Versuri Suidakra - Pendragons Fall

Album: Suidakra - Emprise To Avalon

[Music by Arkadius, Marcel; Lyric by Marcel]

Oh, remembering the words
The vision of the sage
He summoned all the heathen breed
A black hearts dream of a new age

Taint and vicious life he cried
Strongest of his kind
Shattered by a fateful might
A carnal spell devoured his fiery mind

Distrust and treason
The strong will survive
Is no virtue of reason
While the whole land is moaning
Oh, whos worth to be king

Revange! Hunt the king of Cornwall down
The troops will march
For they adore the cauldron
All is fading to ashes, turning to war

Oh, all you woeful warriors
For yon weaknessll never be strength
Cold and fearless you adore
The lies of a madman right till the end

And in a night of roaming shadows
With a spell on his face
He seduced the unaware widow
Oh what murderous embrace
So fate took its course
With less rhyme than reason
War and hate
Will bear brighter days

The night passed
Its crown to the king of dawn
This dream will last
Till the day
This new kingdom will come

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