Versuri Suidakra - The Ember Deid (Part II)

Album: Suidakra - Caledonia

Travails turn brang me tae many a place
An all this wimplen way
Yont the lee lang nicht
Oh I mind on the days lang begane

Sae the mindin in yer heid
Unrowes afore yer een
Frae hours o sweet yestreen
Aye the ember deid in monie a heid
Fare ye well Im pertin away

Aye the wind blaws our weird
Right amang yer staur
Yer een ance glancin
Are noo doolfu and tired
O the wanderin hours

I say farewell tae the warld
Mind me weel
I say farewell tae the warld
Aye, its lane an cauld

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