Supergrass - In It for the Money [Limited Edition]

In It for the Money [Limited Edition]

Aparut in: 1997-05-05

Label: Capitol

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01. In It for the Money
02. Richard III
03. Tonight
04. Late in the Day
05. G-Song
06. Sun Hits the Sky
07. Going Out
09. Cheapskate
10. You Can See Me
11. Hollow Little Reign
12. Sometimes I Make You Sad
13. Caught by the Fuzz [Acoustic][*]
14. Sitting up Straight [Limited Edition Only]
15. Melanie Davis [Limited Edition Only]
16. Odd? [Limited Edition Only]
17. Wait for the Sun [Limited Edition Only]
19. Sex? [Limited Edition Only]
20. 20 Ft. Halo [Limited Edition Only]
21. Je Suis Votre Papa Sucre [Limited Edition Only]

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