Sun Hits The Sky Tab - Supergrass

Supergrass - Sun Hits the Sky

   I        II                          F 
E|-108- ------------------------------- 
B|------ ------------------------------- 
G|------ ------------------------------- 
D|------ -3---3---3-------------0-2-3--- 
A|------ ---3---2---1-0-1-2-3-3--------- 
E|------ ------------------------------- 

I- played over the intro
II- segue into verse

I just put the chords down in sections.  They're pretty well defined
in the song, so I don't think you really need a song map.
F Eb

1: F Eb
2: G Cm

1:D A 
2:G D

Solo section: (3 + 4 are for the part when the organ gets real crazy)
1:Ab Bb F Eb
2:Ab Bb F C
3:F Eb
4:G Cm

In that slick drum-n-bass bit, do something crazy with a D chord if
you feel like it.  It's not the guitar's show here anyway, so you
may as well not even bother.


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