Superjoint Ritual Chords & Tabs

Superjoint Ritual este o trupa din New Orleans, de crossover thrash, formata de catre Phil Anselmo in 1990. Stilul este considerat drept un mix intre Pantera si Agnostic Front. Exista si cateva influente de black metal, ale unor trupe precum Venom , Celtic Frost sau Darkthrone. Numele este de fapt un vers extras din piesa The Pagan Winter, apartinand trupei Darkthrone. Anselmo a scris majoritatea pieselor, drept pentru care acesta a intrat intr-un confilct cu Fazzio, rezultatul fiind destramarea trupei in 2005, lucru confirmat si de......Biografie Superjoint Ritual

Waiting For The Turning Point Bass Tab

Waiting For The Turning Point (ver2) Tab

Waiting For The Turning Point Tab

The Knife Rises Bass Tab

The Knife Rises Tab

The Horror Bass Tab

The Horror Tab

The Alcoholik Tab

Superjoint Ritual Tab

Stupid Stupid Man Tab

Stealing A Page Or Two From The Armed And Radical Pagans Tab

Sickness Tab

Ozena Tab

Oblivious Maximus Tab

Messages Tab

It Takes No Guts Tab

Introvert Tab

Haunted Hated Tab

f**k Your Enemy (ver2) Bass Tab

f**k Your Enemy Bass Tab

f**k Your Enemy (ver2) Tab

f**k Your Enemy Tab

Everyone Hates Everyone Tab

Drug Your Love Tab

Dress Like A Target Tab

Destruction Of A Person Tab

Death Threat Tab

Creepy Crawl Tab

Antifaith Tab

All Of Our Lives Will Get Tired Tab

Absorbed Tab

4 Songs Tab

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