Versuri Superjoint Ritual - 08. Permanently

Album: Superjoint Ritual - A Lethal Dose Of American Hatred

Were taking on, too much at once, tables turning, the traps are
Set, we're sticking our big dick, into the business that hardly
Concerns us, it's ignorant
We're pissing off, our biggest rivals, with a shrug of a
Shoulder. If we're going into this half-cocked we'll
Get cold cocked, clean clocked.

To Permanently kill yourself. To permanently kill your family
To permanently kill your god, to permanently kill the rest of the
f*****g population

Malaise, contagious cadaver, indisposed of flowering bacterial
Death display, some will cry that this is the vengeance of God

Wrong. Till the last breath, nothing, but losing to
Death, and only to death, no great rewards

Destined to lay, suspended like a fetus in the womb, your death
Experience is common and sobering, to the radiating children
Of the dead god

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