Versuri SUPREME MAJESTY - Die In A Dream

Album: SUPREME MAJESTY - Elements Of Creation

[Music: Chrille Andersson, Rille Svensson & Tobias Wernersson]
[Lyrics: Nidas Shagul]

Die, I'm dying in a dream
No one can hear my screams
Surrounded by a night I can't fight,
I could be caught here in eternity

My eyes are shut, and I fall to sleep
Not long before, it all starts again
The same nightmare, once more
If I don't wake up,
I'll be lost in eternity

The faces, the demons
Tearing me apart from inside
The whispers, the screams
Paralysing my terrified mind

[Solo: Chrille Andersson]

Will I wake up at all,
or will I die before dawn
I can hear my reaper,
as I run for shelter
Closer, closer,
I can hear him breathe
Closer, closer, closer,
I can feel his scythe fly

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