Versuri SUPREME MAJESTY - King Of Warriors

Album: SUPREME MAJESTY - Elements Of Creation

[Music: Chrille Andersson]
[Lyrics: Daniel Andersson]

Was born in a battle
Now he raises his weary head
Has fought for a lifetime
Mighty warriors stand ahead

Nowhere to run,
nowhere to hide
His enemies draw near
Time for the kill

He stands without anguish
Will not try to make amend
As long as his heart beats
He will fight until the end

He will not run
He will not hide
Clasping round the hilt

Armour and steel
Bends by his will
Standing strong, and glorious
Bow for the might
Both day and night
Hailing the king of warriors

He flies like a shadow
Like a menace to his foe
No man stands against him
Or decides where he may go

Now they will run
Now they will hide
The slaughter's just begun

[Solo: Tobias Wernersson]

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