Versuri SUPREME MAJESTY - My Revenge

Album: SUPREME MAJESTY - Elements Of Creation

[Music: Tobias Wernersson]
[Lyrics: Daniel Andersson]

Winter morning and the sun is yet to wake
Pondering thoughts, I was alone out by the lake
In the distance I hear sound of horsemen ride
Followed by screams of pain,
as thousand men has died

Innocent blood has touched the ground
To its revenge I have been bound

If I am not back before the morning light
Remember my last thought was of you
Remember these words, as they are true
If I'm to die, then let thy will be done
I will revenge my father's blood
The guilty will stand before their god

[Solo: Tobias Wernersson]
[Solo: Rille Svensson]

I see my father, his body's stained with blood
Around twenty warriors, their faces in the mud
I will set out to repay this wretched crime
They're going to cry in pain,
the vengeance will be mine

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