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The Search Is Over
(Jim Peterik and Frankie Sullivan)
Performed by: Survivor
Transcribed by: Tim Firebaugh
Originally From: Franz-Joseph Rufino 

Here it is, chords for "The Search Is Over", from the Album "Vital Signs",  a
very powerful song by the musical trio Survivor.  I finally sat down at my
piano and got started at figuring it out.  I am not sure if the Chorus is 100%
correct, so if you have any input, email me.

Key: Eb

Intro: Eb Ab Bb Eb(2 times)

Verse 1:

Eb                      Eb/Ab                Ab
How can I convince you, what you see is real?

Eb                        Eb/Ab              G
Who am I to blame you for doubting what you feel?

Cm           Gm        Ab              Eb  Bb/D Cm
I was always reaching, you were just a girl I  knew.

Cm         Gm          Ab               G
I took for granted the friend I have in you.


F/A                C      Am           G
I was living for a dream, loving for a moment.

F/A           C      Am               G
Taking on the world, that was just my style.

                     Eb    Ab        Bb/D
Now I look into your eyes, I can see forever.

              Cm             Ab      Bb      Eb
The search is over, you were with me all the while.

Verse 2: (Same Chords as Verse 1)

Can we last forever, will we fall apart?
At times it's so uncertain, these questions of the heart.
You've followed me through changes, and patiently you'd wait, Till I came to
my senses through some miracle of fate.

Chorus: (See above)


Eb  Eb/D  Cm            Bb             Ab                Eb
Now the   miles stretch out behind me, loves that I have lost.

Eb Eb/D Cm         Bb             Ab   Eb/Ab
Broken  hearts lie victims of the game.

     Fm            Cm                  Bb               (Eb/Ab)
Then good luck, it finally struck like lightning from the blue.

Fm            Eb       Eb/G    Bb
Every highway leads me back to you.

Verse 3:

Eb                      Eb/Ab
Now at last I hold you, now all is said and done.

Eb                       Eb/Ab
The search has come full circle.

Ab                Gsus4 G
Our destinies are one.

Cm                       Gm                Eb   Bb/D Cm
So if you ever loved me, show me that you give  a   damn.

                Gm          An           G
You'll know for certain the man I really am.

Repeat Chorus


                    Eb     Ab             Bb/D
Then I touched your hands, I can hear you whisper:

              Cm             Ab            Bb
The Search is over, Love was right before my eyes.

Eb Ab Bb Eb (Three Times)

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do!
Pax Vobiscum,


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