Versuri Sworn - Beyonder

Album: Sworn - Bastards And Conquerors

The cursed presence of death
Entangles me, hunts me
Renew the faith in darkness
Ascend to fight the wretched

A voyage in time and cosmos
Back and forth, sighting the damned
Celestial occurrence we disavow
Come forth, inception of hell

For every soul
For every drop of blood
For every mind
For every death

Desolate minds
Crimson embers of life
Ominous the vengeance
Ruthless the attack

Euphoria of the lost
With power of the ancient
Infesting the wretched
Infesting the damned

Rise of end, fall of time
Element existence, effect, extinction

This infinite serenity
From the mirrors of the eyes
The false truth, a hollow clarity
Darkened paths are all that lies..
Only lies..

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