Versuri Sworn - Damnation Spawned

Album: Sworn - Bastards And Conquerors

We have entered these filthy lands
And left the dreadful void
To raise the towers of oblivion
To consume and destroy

We come to destroy this people
TO raise the tower of plague
We bring forth your apocalypse
The carnal way

We come to consume the souls of the living
To raise the tower of wrath
We bring the power of labour
And thus their existence shall end

We come to infest their hearts
To raise the tower of dusk
We carry diseases and the manifest
Of truth that we speak

By the maelstrom we come with chaos
To raise the tower of demise
We scornfully carry the sigil
Our Baphomet is only death

In the end so bitter
An oath shall be sworn
The beast shall be unleashed
And engage in the final battle

We came to lay Eden in ruins
We brought an existence to fall
We raised the black tower of oblivion
We hail the void, the carnal monument

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