Versuri Sworn - Somnolence

Album: Sworn - Bastards And Conquerors

Misled and misguided
This fools entrance led me wrong
I have entered a place filled with laughter
And voices of past and coming times

As in a mental cell
I'm confused and condemned
Ravishing spirit shimmer
By the last tolls of the bell

Heavy this filth on my back
An inconvenient life from of yours
I need not for you to lecture me
As I'm becoming the conqueror

At least I will not rot as
The stereotype of my own kind
A spawned self-damnation on this earth
For us to hunt down the murder in mind

In the horizon of the darker presence
I get a glimpse of a coming victory
For history is written by observers
Propaganda - Written by the victor

Hellbound as you are
My fate is sealed by yours
Stained by the spawn of damnation
This earth and its people will rot

Imprinted in the skulls
And the bodies of the dead
The seal of the damned
And the blood that's been shed

I die as one among you
But now reborn as a God

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