Versuri Sybreed - Dynamic

Album: Sybreed - Antares

Everyday, cold suffering
But everyday I resurrect
I expect nothing from this world of s**t
Disappointed I'm standing away

Confused and lost, I plunge in suffering
Am I just idiot or vain?

And every time I have to breathe
In every way I can feel the pain
A liquid fire burning my lungs
An acid nail into my brain


Why should I agree with common apathy
Self-destruction seems so sweet
Denial is what I choose to preserve sanity
I'm caught into a dynamic of hate

Like a relentless movement leading to our damnation
Existence is a b***h, happiness is a word
Love is such an empty lie


What is given today can be retaken fast
In constant wait we dwell, vanity is all we share
Whatever we do we stay blind, rewarded with fast demise
Massively divided we've lost all faith
How to size how much we've failed?

I vanish, purified, and escape through decay
All I could do will never clear the veil before your eyes
Wrapping the constrained minds into a shape of fear
There's no more way to reverse destiny or destroy reality

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