Versuri Sybreed - Isolate

Album: Sybreed - Antares

So many wrong ways, so many scars
So many empty days into this world of grey
I clench my hands, standing on edge, now isolated
With no redemption to be found

I've wasted so many words
I've grown into the realm of lies
I have no purpose or glorious goals
To lead my soul

God, tell me why I have to face
This state of slow disintegration

So many gestures, so many nights
Trying to fight my fears, to delay misery
A very last time before I die
I let it go away and I just give up once again

All my expectations,
all the lives I could have dreamt of
All of this will turn to dust,
scattered in a wind of misery
A random shift in suffering scales,
a vanishing grain of sand
Into the sea of nothingness
I've lost all hope or faith
And I'll fall deep into oblivion, a wish to not share the pain
I'm far beyond all denial and vain negation
I desecrate the foundations of my own existence
I'm lost into the purest darkness
I suffocate under the weight of grief and deception


Tell me why we all remain
Engulfed into sheer emptiness

I cannot see the light beyond

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