Versuri Sybreed - Twelve Megatons Gravity

Album: Sybreed - Antares

I'm not a redeemer, I'm not another saviour
Don't want to save your world, I would rather make it burn in flames
I spit on all the doves, your good intentions are masturbation
To hide a simple fact: you're scarred of your needs of violence

I am the new salvation
I am the voice screaming in your head
I have no compassion
I annihilate the smile on your face

Death is all around me
Blood is why we lick their feet
All celebrate the reign of pigs
Leisure and atrocity
Flesh is melted again
Bind in orgies of carnal guilt
I want to smash them all
For drowning themselves in their semen and lust

I don't agree with happiness, don't want to be a brainwashed slave
I bit the hand and cut the leash, the rope of comfort around my neck
And enjoy the bitter taste of watching all delusions fade away
Your iron dream is wrapped into a velvet shape of ignorance

And still you keep on deny the pain
The itch running onto your skin
The burnt of profound misery
Do you enjoy the taste of shame, the blade of vanity?

A slaughtered heaven, a place of fool's sanity [?],
A mouthful of injuries, it's all what you deserved
I am the bullet on the run, I force my way into your brain
Extracting all corrupted words with the massive strain of a gun

[Repeat verses 1, 2 & 6]

You suck!