Versuri SYMPHORCE - Ancient Prophecies

Album: SYMPHORCE - Become Death

One by one we drift away
Side by side we suffocate
Eye to eye we loose our faith
Step by step we enslave the hate
Will you ever find a way?
In circles we walk, in circles we talk
Will you ever fall from grace?
And generate the echoes in your mind
All those broken dreams I've seen
All our ways and views were wrong
Sleeping deep down left behind
Intuition's running up your spine
All the mysteries drift away
Like in ancient prophecies
In this world you've done me wrong
For all the fears you came from
But no one understands you ways
Of your ancient prophecies
What disappears like a steam
Slips through my fingers and passes me by
There's nothin' close to what we have done
Whenever we hit the ground
All the memories we're caught in
Way deeper than before
All those broken dreams I've seen
When all the walls are closin' in