Versuri SYMPHORCE - Forevermore

Album: SYMPHORCE - Truth To Promises

I don't want to spend my life, forevermore
Don't know why you're leaving me,
I can't ignore
Mmh, you always understand, what is it for real
chasing after foolish dreams,
time stands still
your endless will I wanted to be a part of you,
not only for a day
No more asking for the truth, so stay
Never turning my dreams into sand
on the beach of the promised land
always believed in the right way
When you throw away the key, like you did before
Will you always guide my way, ... forevermore
Blinded by the rays of light, couldn't reach for more
Always hang on by your side, forevermore , ... forevermore
After all the spoken words,
after all these years
So far away, so close to fear
There is nothing left to give
Nothing than a dream, more than you've ever seen
And soon my eyes are filled with tears
closer to you
nothing more you can do
will you ever feel it
i'm coming through
now you're all alone
together we'll betray
lost in the cast
save you all the way