Versuri SYMPHORCE - Freedom - Alter My Reality

Album: SYMPHORCE - Sinctuary

[lyrics/music: Franck]

As time slips by I awaken from my sleep
too blind to see that tomorrow's just a dream
destination Paradise kiss the sky
follow on, along the line fates what I?ll find
Suicide our hearts embrace
life and death become a race
With these eyes
I?ve seen broken dreams
at the end of the world,
where paradise begins
search myself, the demons

I have to face crawling out of my life on my knees crushed my spirit,
oh my god, to it?s knees
As you speak I form a plan
of just revenge upon the man
and all the stories I?ve heard are true
also the tales of your darkness too
I fear no pain as I reach towards the sky
immortal words was I really born to die
the failed messiah wannabe
either way I find it hard to believe

Freedom, till the morning light
demons from the dark of the night
freedom, real not fantasy
alter my reality

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