Versuri SYMPHORCE - Gone Too Far

Album: SYMPHORCE - Sinctuary

[lyrics: Franck / music: Wohlbold; Franck]

Raise the flag of shame unholy is your name
frozen life too blind to see
Now see a crumbling sky. I drain you of life
distant echoes haunt the brain
to find the answer to the mystery there's no return
with every step you tread and every breath you take I will learn

Holding on to the fire
please, alternate my wires
This time I've gone too far heat up my core

You'd know what I just said who
knows what lies ahead
I used to look behind the lies
I'd like to feel alivejust one more time
you caught yourself before I cried
Awakened by the anger in my mind
every nerve in flame
draining the life
from me, my ears
they bleed it will never
be the same
Falling, to the setting of the sun
calling, gravity pulls us on - oh!