Versuri SYMPHORCE - No Final Words To Say

Album: SYMPHORCE - Become Death

Don't talk about humanity
If there's nothing good this way
You think of me but I'm out of sight
While I'm fallin' through this hole in my mind
Don't want to share those memories
As daylight waits while you walk away
You meet me where darkness meets the brightest light
As we walk through the shattered night
We chase the wind like future from the past
But all the lights have died, seems like I'm the last
Got no feelings left inside
Nothin' left, nowhere to hide
There're no final words to say
But something's coming over me
It's more than any eye can see
These final words, lost in fantasy
When we touched the sun and went back on our way
You better pray for all the rules I disobey
How many times does right go wrong
I'm waiting for the storm still standing here alone
I've taught to call this pain my friend
Poisoned blood runs through my veins
But I live again

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