Versuri SYMPHORCE - Retracing The Line

Album: SYMPHORCE - Truth To Promises

You'll understand,
by the touch of your hand
No place to hide, face the storm, fear inside
Watching over the lines, it's carbed in stone
Never be afraid, now you're not alone
Into my dreams, like a reburn it seems
you're a church of desire, like gas on a fire
Now turning around, the faith leaves the truth
hanging down on a string ...over you!
a fortune
a moment in life
you're watching
the legacy of time
follow the sign
answer the question
retracing the line
Sometimes you feel what is true, what is real
Your last caress, what is mine..your last breath
Will you believe in...whatever you do
Desecrate your soul! I'm here for you
Searching deep in my soul, taking over to break
You ... realize, it was a mistake.

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