Versuri SYMPHORCE - Wounded

Album: SYMPHORCE - Truth To Promises

Everything closer, all memories are there
Your point of view, what sin, who cares
Nothing is sacred, we play by your rules
Faster instinct, you're dead , you fool
Brothers of mercy, what do you say
pray to heaven, your laughter stays
cry out for freedom, break through the walls
no one is listening to uncertain calls
You'll always pretend this
It's like an unholy kingdom
You're dreaming
they want you
come fear my enemy
Yes, i'm wounded
The heart of the haunted
Takin' me away
Yes, i'm wounded
The heart of the haunted
Will the scars remain
Any time, any where
any encounter the future beware
ever wanted to be my friend
never met you, self defend
do you hear me, do you know
master plan, tears of sorrow
will you ever believe in me
but i will never set you free
can't sleep with the memories
they're always right behind me
when can i forget you
pray for the pain to subside.

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