Versuri SYMPHORCE - Wounds Will Last Within

Album: SYMPHORCE - GodSpeed

You're steeling my pride, while my unrest grows
I'm moving but failed all my veins
Protecting or breathing, I stopped in between
As the arms of the night opened wide
As my life burst out, into madness I see
At midnight the flames are burning me
I've chosen my fear, I'm forced into hate
While memories are turning to fate
The tears on my skin will starve out my faith
As I ran through the valley of my dreams
But slowly I'm trying to keep moving on
Forever my wounds will last within
My body is helpless, you're entering my world
If no change then to hell with my fate
You're chosen my suicide, my blood on your hands
My loneliness seems to fade
I'm leaving no trace, no footsteps will show
Where your eyes will ease the pain
The shadows and shades of visions I speak
Of my desire untamed
Towards the horizon, sun's laughing at me
And nothing leaves anymore
Always in my mind, it's my stillborn dream
Forever my wounds will last within