Se pare ca vom avea un nou album System of a Down

de Cristi Nedelcu

Se pare ca vom avea un nou album System of a Down

Shavo Odadjian, basistul System of a Down a vorbit de curand cu cei de la Consequence of Sound si a declarat ca intr-un final va aparea si un nou album semnat de trupa.

Chiar daca pe la inceputul anului se vehicula faptul ca va mai dura mult pana cand vom avea un nou material SOAD, basistul formatiei vine cu vesti noi.

"Nothing between us has happened that’s so terrible that people can’t get in the studio and work. Nothing! Everything is just a matter of taste, and they just gotta get in and forget the past, and kind of move forward, and I think that will happen. I’m not worried. I’m not worried at all. We have material that tops everything we’ve done, and that’s me telling you, honestly. I can’t wait to record that and drop it. It’s just a matter of time. I just hope it happens sooner than later. But we’ve written stuff together. Daron’s brought a lot of stuff in. I’ve brought stuff to Daron and we’ve worked it out. I have so much more stuff that is ready to go out. I’ve told Daron this, too. I’ve said, 'We’ve gotta get this done,' and he’s like, 'Yeah, I’d love to.' So, we all want to, and I think Serj is kind of doing his own thing, and I get it."

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