Versuri Talamyus - Blood Bath...

Album: Talamyus - As Long As It Flows

Leading our path to glory
We shall fight with pride
With our swords in our hands
We fight for victory

The war isn't over
It's just the beginning of the end
These blood suckers will not win
They only fight with hatred

War of blood
The sun soon will rise
War of blood
Together we fight

War of blood
They are stronger at night
War of blood
Their armies grow in size

The more we fight
The more we loose some men
The battlefield is bloodier
The vampires are stronger

More of my men die
We've become strongless
Our war ended in a blood bath
We are at their mercy


The battle rages on in the field
With our swords and shields
We've lost the war
We are ready to die

We fought four our cause in the field
I've sacrificed my life for...
We've lost the war
We are ready to die

Leading our path to loss
We fought with pride
With our swords on the field
We fought for our lives

I'm surrounded by vampires
I'm the sole survivor
I'll fight until the end
I'm becoming one of them

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