Versuri Taproot - Scapegoat

corrupt errupting authority watchin over me all the time rhyme after rhyme
i'm keepin' it real w/
that spat out flow of steele, those lyrics promote a unity of the real people,
but still sometimes i feel like a walkin conspiracy theory
to all of the motherfuckers around who got a problem w/
my ways it's ok i'll keep my head up w/
my chin down bull forward head on collision, w/
those who ain't got no faith in the cause that i feel i need to get across in my lifetime
the clock's tickin' time's winding down so make it all worthwile stop blamin' me,
i'll be your scapegoat.....
these psychotic tendencies you have for me just comin' out of nowhere,
nah, if you spoke your mind more often you'd see it's not me,
cause i'm your teacher your preacher a creature willing to take on my own responsibilities though,
i'll be your scapegoat blamed by your ego's unwillingness to be confronted
and true, lackin' respect you choose to spit in the wind,
but Karmas' chasin' you blamin' me, I'll be your....
Blamed black sheep I stray, ostracised for being me...

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