Versuri Taproot - Sound Control

you know that i'm a fugitive that's how it is,
a funky freaked out twisted lyricistical mystical energy,
when i'm flowin' i'm flowin' to blow it up,
because i'm like gravy, i got the sauce to get it done right,
and acheive all there is that i want to be individuality about myself remainin' true
and free, and helpin' others in need ain't no greed conquerin' my destiny,
i live my life around the homeopathic schizophrenical energetical vocal manner
is gettin' fatter and fatter served on a platter w/
a big old fat a*s side of metaphysical culture,
i've controled my past and i control my future..
don't see my life through tunnel vision w/
horizon's expanded w/
an open mind clear to those tidbits of knowledge..
pimp a* know i like to kick out that flowin' s**t,
make you get up and grove so loose and let your inner child play out loud
and experience the only way's to learn and enjoy those times seem so
and few and far between right, take advantage w/
that smile i've seen, w/
that gold toothed grin when we win over the floor, like be4 me w/
my bro to my right side he's the man churnin' out that collaborated rhythm,
to make those clothes fill up w/
sweat, the girls are ?
I control my future, I've controlled my past,
try to keep my head clear to acheive my goals at last...
it's a whole as a sound control...

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