Versuri Temple of Baal - Faces Of The Void

Album: Temple of Baal - Black Unholy Presence

Pale are the faces staring at me through the void
Pointing their fingers at my now dead body
A strange music sounds the end of my days
Now is the time, farewell humanity

The pale faces are waiting for me to join them now
The accuser leads me to the altar where the book lies-Book of Death

Depths of the unknown, tunnel of Death
Now I reach the end of my journey

The pale faces are like me, I'm one of them now
I've read the book, I've seen my name I'll stay a demon now-I am dead

"Veni omnipotens aeterne diabolus
Pone custodiam super templum tuum"

I'm now at the point of no return, I have become a faceless entity
My human coil is destroyed through fire, my spirit free beyond mortality

I am all, yet I am none
I'm a face of the endless void

Blank faces, faces of Satan
We have become
We curse you all, poor earthly beings
The supreme state is Death