Roadie Tab - Tenacious D

Band: Tenacious D

Song: Roadie 

Tabbed by Dude!"#%&/()

This is a awesome song by Tenacious D, and it's a tribute to all Roadies. Whithout 
them there will be no show. ;) 

Tunning. High to Low:(e, B, G, D, A, e)

Chords:  E;(0 2 2 1 0 0)   C/G;(3 3 2 0 0 0)   Asus2;(x 0 4 2 x x)   A5;(x 0 2 2 0 0)

The song starts on a E chord, Just listen to the song, and find the rythem.
The Lyrics may not be a 100 persent right but thy are pretty close. 

Werse 1 
Well it's 3pm time to rock the gear, got to it on the stage, 
              [ch]Asus2[/ch]                                  [ch]E[/ch]   
my musceles flex, my ***ing sweat will save the day. 

Course I ckeck the mic, I fucka check the mic, I fucka checka checka 1 2 3, 

           [ch]Asus2[/ch]                                   [ch]E[/ch]
I plug it in, I make it sound as good as it can be. 

Becourse the rock is rock, and the road is road, 

got'a take the mic, he got take control, 

     [ch]Asus2[/ch]                                   [ch]E[/ch]
got'a get that s**t up on that ***ing stage. 

Yes the Roadie knows, what the Roadie knows, 

and the Roadie knows that he wears black clothes, 

       [ch]Asus2[/ch]                                [ch]E[/ch]
and he hides off in the shadows of the stage.


        [ch]C/G[/ch]          [ch]A5[/ch]                                 [ch]E[/ch]
Becourse the Roadie, looks a thoushand miles with his eyes,

             [ch]C/G[/ch]         [ch]A5[/ch]                                  [ch]E[/ch]
and when the crowd raws, rains of tears drop to the Roadies eyes,

tears of pride. 

             [ch]C/G[/ch]                    [ch]A5[/ch]  
Becourse his watching the show, but you will never know, 

     [ch]C/G[/ch]                        [ch]A5[/ch]                          
his changing the strings, while hangin' in the wind, 

   [ch]C/G[/ch]             [ch]A5[/ch]                    [ch]E[/ch]
no matter how hard, the show mustgo on. 

Werse 2 
When a beautiful girl come to me she say, hey can i sucka your dick, 

            [ch]Asus2[/ch]             [ch]E[/ch] 
and I'll say yes, i'm in love. 

And then she quikly say I sucked your dick,

now give me that backstage pas, I do not want you Roadie, 

I want KG's chode. 

Chorus 2
      [ch]C/G[/ch]                                 [ch]A5[/ch]
I'm standing at the fresh hole of your dreams,

     [ch]C/G[/ch]                                       [ch]A5[/ch] 
without me there would be no sound from those amps,

     [ch]C/G[/ch]                                     [ch]A5[/ch] 
without me there would be no light on the stage, 

but you don't applaus for me. 
           [ch]C/G[/ch]     [ch]A5[/ch]                                  [ch]E[/ch]
I i'm the Roadie, lonesome warrior searching for his soul, 

          [ch]C/G[/ch]    [ch]A5[/ch]                   [ch]E[/ch]    
I i'm the Roadie, I make the rock go. 

[ch]C/G[/ch]   [ch]A5[/ch]  [ch]C/G[/ch]  [ch]A5[/ch]   [ch]C/G[/ch]   [ch]A5[/ch]  [ch]E[/ch]
Roadie,   Roadie,    Roadie. 

The end. hope you like it.     

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