Special Things Chords - Tenacious D

Notes: This song is a pain in my @55 because it has been hard for me to tab and figure
out.  So please be satisfied with this tabing.  Some of the chords may not be ones that
you are used to but if you listen to the song and play with it you will notice that it
sounds right.  Good luck.

Part 1: most of the strums are from the bottom up, listen to it for the strumming
pattern. these chords are used throughout the whole song, and all the strumming is
basically like this.  I would suggest finger picking it, it sounds like kage does,
but i dont remember if he does on the episode.

Lyrics with chords: Follow the above chord structure and strumming.
Well me and kg yeah were going to sing a little song about a few special things special
Em7   Am7                   G
things,   talkin' special things.  Like when a
Em7                         Am7              Em7                            Am7          
friend gives a friend a helping hand, helps his little buddy to understand,  thats a 

a very special thing yeah. Take it JB ta take it.
I hate to interupt the thing that lee was singing about him and kg, special
Em7    Am7                         G
thing, what do ya think this is, tenacious d 3d no no no noooo, like
Em7                Am7          Em7                     Am7
when kg hits a tin cup shot, on a genesis golf "Tincup!"  Thats a special
thing, its a special thing, or
Em7         Am7                                   Em7                            Am7     
when KG pops in jenny craig, mac and chee and hands it to me, thats a special thing,

thats a special thing.
Em7                           Am7              Em7                        Am7 (short, 
Now one and one and one is three, a rare  occasion for las triple D!!!!
                   G                                                 Em7        Am7
KG, JB, and me.  KG, JB and me.  KG, JB and meeeeeeeeeee.
                                     G(strum slow)
Now thats un special thing.

the end:  This song is not as difficult as i made it sound at first.  Three chords
repeated over and over.  If you listen to the song when you play it then it makes sense,
the tempo is slow so watch for that while you are playing.  Questions or comments can be
emailed to me:
JohnnyWu2@hotmail.com.  If you aren't on the tenacious d mailing list, you should be,
that is where i send updates of new tabs that i make, otherwise you just have to keep 
the website.

Chords: Play the "G" chord with your bottom three fingers (middle, ring, and pinky) it
makes it easier to hit the add on to the G (with your index finger).  The other chord
names may not be correct, but they are at least close, who cares if the name is right
just play it the way i tabbed it.

e  a  d  G  b  e
G 3  2  0  0  0  3
G(add) 3  2  0  0  1  3
Em7 x  2  0  0  3  3
Am7 x  0  2  0  1  0

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