Versuri TENHI - Hallavedet

Album: TENHI - Kauan

Kuun katseen helmyt ylle ky
Ja ly itsens levolle
Syvll syliss veden morsiamen
Uinuu menneen sielu
Yksin nousee halla seisovista joista
Ja soittaa huurteista huiluaan
Kuun katseen kohdatessa
Halla nousee tanssimaan
Nm vedet eivt hopeaa heijasta
Vaan taivas thtyeit huokaa
Yn hmrtj, pivn himmentj
Matkaa taivaalla
Hiljainen hetki unenvirran luona
Mieli pilvill ky

[The Glacial Waters]

Sparkling light from the moon to pale
Embellishes the spruces with golden veil
Deep, deep in the glacial waters
Asleep is the essence of the past
Frost rises from the river's depth
While it dances a chord of frozen flute might be heard
When the moon lights the surface of the calm river
In a shape of frost the past quietly dances
No light on these glacial waters shimmers
Only the nightsky is filled with silver glances
The night turns to a day
And the day to another evening
A silent moment by the river of dream
Mind rises to dimensions so far out of reach

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