TERRORIZER Chords & Tabs

Country: USA Label: Century Media Records Website: www.terrorizergrindcore.com Formed in: 1986 1987-1991 Grindcore 2005- Death metal Line-up Current members: 1987-1989  Pete Sandoval - drums   › 2005-  -//-   2005-  Tony Norman - bass   2005-  Anthony Rezhawk - vocals   Former musicians:......Biografie TERRORIZER

World Downfall Tab

Whirlwind Struggle Tab

Strategic Warheads Tab

Storm Of Stress Tab

Ripped To Shreds Tab

Resurrection Tab

Need To Live Tab

Injustice Tab

Infestation Tab

Human Prey Tab

Fear Napalm Tab

Enslaved By Propaganda Tab

Dead Shall Rise Tab

Corporation Pull In Tab

Condamned System Tab

After World Obliteration Tab

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